A podcast about BC’s watersheds and the people who care about them

The Freshwater Stream

Season 1: The CodeBlue Series

There is a myth here in British Columbia that our rivers and lakes provide limitless, clean water. And certainly that was once the case in much of the province. But, due to poor resource extraction practices by industrial water users, poor water management and climate change, many communities are facing serious water shortages in the coming years.

Join host Danielle Paydli as she talks to people all over the province to find out about the challenges facing their local watersheds and what can be done to solve them. 




Episode 1

Danielle sits down with Dr. Shannon Waters, medical health officer for the Cowichan Valley region, a member of Stz’uminus First Nation, Cowichan Watershed Board member.

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Episode 2

Danielle interviews Shannon McPhail, executive director of Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, an organization she co-founded to create a sustainable environment rooted in culture and a thriving wild salmon ecosystem.

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Episode 3

Danielle meets with Mark Angelo, river conservationist, writer, speaker, teacher, paddler and Order of British Columbia recipient. He is the founder and chair of B.C. Rivers Day and World Rivers Day, and star of the new documentary Last Paddle? 1000 Rivers, 1 Life.

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Episode 4

Danielle interviews Lauren Terbasket from the Okanagan Nation and a member of the Lower Similkameen community, to learn about her work for and her connection to the Similkameen watershed.

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Episode 5

Danielle talks with Tara Marsden and Trixie Bennett, two indigenous women who live on separate sides of the Canada-USA border, linked by their fight to protect their local watersheds from mining. These iconic rivers and their watersheds have been centers of culture, commerce, and biodiversity for thousands of years supporting numerous communities and nineteen federally recognized tribes of the region.

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Episode 6

In our final episode of season one of The Freshwater Stream podcast, host Danielle Paydli talks with Jennifer Houghton and Stan Swinarchuk about the recent devastating flooding in Grand Forks and its connection to large-scale clear-cut logging in the watershed. Learn how these residents are standing up to industry and helping to re-shape forest policy to foster healthy watersheds.

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Meet the Freshwater Stream Team


Season 2 to be released in early 2022!