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Our fresh water is the source of our health, well-being and natural wealth.

The sources of our fresh water, our watersheds, are the envy of the world. But our water is being wasted, degraded and overused.

Thanks to decades of corporate lobbying and political donations, big industry has been given the green light to use and abuse our fresh water, almost for free.

It's time to secure and restore our critical water sources as if our lives depend on them.


CodeBlue is a plan to secure and sustain BC's fresh water sources. Forever.

You can be a part of this. 


Latest Stories

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Mike Pearson

May 24, 2024

Meet CodeBlue BC Local Watershed Hero Biologist Mike Pearson, featured for his ardent defence of the Lower Fraser and all of its inhabitants. He is a fierce champion who has fought in Parliament, the courts and in the field for the endangered Nooksack dace....

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Five Facts You Otter Know

May 15, 2024

At CodeBlue BC all critters fascinate us. None, however, are more otterly charming than BC’s two kinds of otters.  Sea otters, Enhydra lutris, are the cute ‘uns that cradle their babies on their bellies as they float on their backs, or hold hands in...

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Drought Looms Due to BC’s Low Snowpack, Experts Urge New Mindset

May 10, 2024

If the snowpack in BC’s mountains is like a bank savings account–because it stores water for hard dry times–the province is dangerously in the red. BC’s snowpack is averaging just 66% of what has been normal in the past, the provincial government said in...

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