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Ask our government and your MLA to take bold action to protect the watersheds we depend on, at the time we need them most.

Healthy and secure watersheds are essential to BC's recovery and long-term prosperity. 

Full text of letter:

Dear MLA,

Your government was elected on a promise to make life better for British Columbians, to make our communities safer from climate change, to restore our salmon runs, to advance reconciliation between Indigenous people and non-Indigenous British Columbians, and to create good jobs and prosperity across BC.

I am one of thousands of British Columbians united by the understanding that healthy and secure fresh water sources, our watersheds, are necessary for BC’s health, security and prosperity. From tourism to forestry, fisheries to agriculture, and drinking water to recreation, BC’s watersheds are the foundation of our economy and our natural wealth, and central to who we are as British Columbians.

But we have let our watersheds become degraded and weakened by irresponsible resource development and overuse. This undermines BC’s water and food security, threatens the health of our salmon, and makes us more vulnerable to looming climate threats like floods, fires and droughts.

As BC begins its recovery from COVID, watershed investment can create good jobs in every corner of BC for both skilled and entry-level workers. Restoring our watersheds will revitalize our salmon runs, make our communities more resilient to climate change, create new partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, and ensure our kids and grandkids can always count on secure and healthy sources of clean, fresh water.

I urge you to take action by:

1. Helping BC recover from COVID and create jobs now with immediate watershed funding,
2. Investing in a BC Watershed Security Fund to create a long-term legacy of prosperity and resilience for British Columbia.

Healthy and secure watersheds are the key to BC’s prosperity and quality of life–the things you were elected to improve. Please seize this opportunity. Thank you.