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Check out our new Watershed Heroes series!

We're shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of BC defending the waters they care about with our new Local Watershed Heroes Series.

From farmers to physicians to business owners to Indigenous stewards weaving age-old wisdom into modern-day conservation efforts, CodeBlue BC's new Watershed Heroes series celebrates those who are making a difference for the water that is our life.

The lives, health, jobs and future of all British Columbians depend on the wealth of the vast watersheds that nourish BC’s rivers, lakes and wetlands, from the Rockies to the coastal islands.

Rich and abundant watersheds such as the Fraser, Skeena, Peace, Columbia and Cowichan are the envy of the world. But decades of mismanagement have left our watersheds vulnerable to droughts, floods, and contamination–and in desperate need of our fierce protection and restoration.

Many British Columbians have seen this need and stepped forward to champion our water.

Join us over the coming months as we meet the amazing British Columbians safeguarding our rivers, lakes, and streams!

Our first Watershed Hero is Dr. Shannon Waters, public health officer for the Cowichan Area. Shannon discusses her first memory of water, what she loves about her home waters and what issues she is seeing impacting fresh water in her community. Click here to read what she had to say.

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