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Freshwater Stream Podcast: Episode 2

"Water right now is worth more than oil. And we're giving it away. We're polluting it, we're making it toxic... And we don't need to."

Join Danielle as she sits down with Shannon McPhail to discuss the interconnectedness of economy, community, culture and the environment in northern B.C.

Shannon McPhail is the executive director of Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, an organization she co-founded with other community members and twice recognized as one of the top ten most effective and innovative organizations in Canada. She is a mother of two teens and grew up in the Kispiox Valley hunting, fishing, horse-packing into the mountains and rafting the rivers with her family. Her spare time is dedicated to food as an avid gardener, butcher, sausage maker, food preserver and loves freediving for scallops and other ocean goodies.

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