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Our fresh water is the source of our health, well-being and natural wealth.

When COVID struck, the BC Government invested $27 million in the health and security of BC's watersheds in 2021, putting 750 British Columbians to work across 60+ watershed projects in every corner of BC. This work has become known as the Healthy Watersheds Initiative.

Now, in order to keep this critical work moving forward, we need our elected federal Members of Parliament to step up and match the BC Government’s investment for 2022.

These watershed jobs are good and important work, and we need to keep them going. These jobs help to restore wild salmon habitat, make our communities safer from climate change, advance reconciliation through on the ground partnerships, and, of course, help to secure and restore BC's fresh water sources.

Please send your elected Member of Parliament a letter today and ask them to fund the Healthy Watersheds Initiative through 2022. Thank you!