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Help fund citizen monitoring of Coastal GasLink's river crossings

The Skeena is one of the world’s salmon strongholds and a critical watershed. But it's under threat: Coastal GasLink’s fracked-gas pipeline project is going off the rails. Despite promising to ‘achieve the highest standards of environmental protection,’ they are destroying salmon habitat. Our regulators, who promised to protect British Columbians, are missing in action:

  • DFO has admitted they are no longer doing their job.
  • The Oil and Gas Commission has only inspected 12% of the crossings.
  • The Environmental Manager who endorsed the Clore River crossing plan that went so horribly is married to the person who developed it.

We knew this pipeline was in trouble: It’s $8 billion over budget with the hardest parts yet to be built. We know about the persistent culture of non-compliance at Coastal GasLink. However, the only reason we know about debacles like what happened on the Clore River is because Skeena communities went to see for themselves. Their worst fears were confirmed. 

Every cent of each dollar you give goes directly towards monitoring this work. Help them get out to the remote crossing sites and keep watch over Coastal GasLink.

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