Water Win: Clearcutting Cancelled in the Greater Vernon Community Watershed

BREAKING NEWS: Tolko Industries backed down from clearcutting in the Greater Vernon community drinking watershed. YOU did this!

Water Win: BC Lower Mainland Municipalities Vote for Watershed Security Fund!

BREAKING NEWS: The CodeBlue BC community sent over 1500 letters to municipalities in the Lower Mainland asking them to vote in favour of this resolution -- YOU made this happen!

Freshwater Stream Podcast: Episode 4

"The system, of course, is over-allocated. The permitting by the province of the water in the Similkameen ... is allocated over 300 percent."

Freshwater Stream Podcast: Episode 3

"We have to do all we can to protect the waterways we're so lucky to have in this country."

Freshwater Stream Podcast: Episode 2

"Water right now is worth more than oil. And we're giving it away. We're polluting it, we're making it toxic... And we don't need to."

Freshwater Stream Podcast: Episode 1

"There are so many ways that we're connected [to the river], which I don't think we really label and value."

Freshwater Stream Podcast: Trailer

"The river runs through our community and holds us together. Supports our salmon and our way of life. It makes us who we are."