Ask Lower Mainland Local Governments to Support Watershed Security!

Tell your representatives to vote YES on Resolution ER3!

On May 12 - 14, the Lower Mainland Local Government Association (LMLGA), consisting of local governments from Pemberton to Hope, will have their annual general meeting. Depending on where you live, your local elected officials include Mayors, First Nations Chiefs, Councillors, & Regional Directors–the local officials who are closest to the issues your local watershed is facing. 

They will vote on a number of resolutions, including ER3, a resolution to request the Province create a dedicated, annual Watershed Security Fund.

Here is the full resolution that your local representatives will be voting on:

" it resolved that UBCM requests that the Province of BC create a dedicated, sustainable, annual funding source for the Watershed Security Fund that provides $75 million annually for community-driven watershed security initiatives."

If passed, this resolution will move forward to the Union of BC Municipalities for a final vote. If passed again, our local governments will put additional pressure on our provincial government to step up and invest in our watersheds.

Please send your letter now!

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